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can not find script file "c:\\users\\appdata\\roaming\\microsoft\\system\\cste

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asked Jan 6 by anonymous

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If you have a device file name that JMRI cannot find, you can set the environment ... or not. System messages are now available via the 'Help > System Console . ... Vista and 7 - C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start ...
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... it this morning. When I try to delete the file, NOD32 comes up "Error when deleting". ... For the curious, this program was originally name Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper. ... COPY, using CTRL+C, every line down thru both EXIT statements .... Get-WinEvent: The system can not find the path specified
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Jun 13, 2012 ... the output does not show anything resembling AppData , and yet ... If (1) is true, how can I find out the "real" path? ... You need to go into the Organize Menu > Folder and Search Options > View Tab > Show hidden files and folders. ... paths ( e.g. C:\Users\Yours Truly\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft ) cannot be ...
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Best answer: Hi i ve got windows script host error. It say's that can not find script file "C:\Documents and Settings\user\boot.vbs" plz direct me What to do? ... actually windows script host is created by microsoft for running any types of ... I will start my system properly opened desktop page.but same time one ...