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"AdHoc 11n" Disable or Enable

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asked Jan 23 by anonymous

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Some wireless networking adapters on computers, mobile devices and other wireless devices include an ad-hoc 11n function that you can enable or disable.
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Oct 22, 2012... and Short/Long Long and Short AdHoc 11n Enable/Disable Disable Dynmic MIMO Power Save Enable/Disable Disable Green Tx On/Off Off ...
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Jul 1, 2011 ... The Atheros adapter indeed has an "ad hoc 11n" setting, which is enabled. ... If they were the same adapter and had the setting enabled on both you might have some success. ... How to disable ad-hoc wireless connections?
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Does the recent WLAN stanbard 802.11N support ad-hoc networks ? Can anyone ... Thanks, David. More about : hoc supported 802 11n ... I might try enable that at both end and see if I could get the N speed. rsqr. August 6 ...